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Lake Wanaka, NZ


9Lake Wanaka is one of the largest lakes in New Zealand and is nestled amongst beautiful mountains and rivers only a few hours from Queenstown. We stayed two nights in a cabin right in front of the Lake and the prospect of a Lakeside Ride was irresistible.



With little notice, I managed to get a four-hour hire on a lovely Scott eBike with a Bosch mid-drive motor from a bike shop called Good Rotations. The owner was very obliging and provided a map for the Lakeside path.


The path is relatively narrow, but it had ample room for two bikes to pass safely. It undulates gently with only a few easily managed hill-climbs which the Scott took in its stride. The peace and quiet was bliss and I saw only a handful of other riders. The scenery was simply divine; lush vegetation, tranquil waters, and several gorgeous lookouts.



 You can enter the path from anywhere and the marked route is approximately 50kms, with a few diversions out of curiosity to explore where that side-track goes (see map below). If you are visiting popular Wanaka and can spare four hours, this ride is an unforgettable experience.


Lake Wanaka ride


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