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Newport to Palm Beach

My ride plan was to try reaching Palm Beach from Newport without using the dreaded Barrenjoey Road. Surprisingly, it can be done…almost; I also found many new places to explore.

I parked near Newport Beach then headed west to the Pittwater side. I rode up Plateau Road, which is one of the steepest streets in Sydney. You should have seen the faces; gotta love ebikes. The views from the top of the Plateau are worth the effort. Its a steep descent to water’s edge, then on to Taylors Point.

1I’ve never been to Clareville before; it’s a pretty beach village with a great coffee shop.

2Next stop was the “I’ve never heard of it” Paradise Beach; and have you ever wondered what’s on the other side of the Careel Bay Ovals?


3A path from Careel Bay winds through some lovely wetlands (past a comfy sofa) then on to Sandy Beach.

5 copy

6I reach west Palm Beach and take the upgraded path from the Wharf to the Governor Phillip Reserve where I rode on the wet hard-pack sand on Pittwater. While walkers stared at the bearded senior riding on the beach, Dalmatians looked on in their formal black and whites.


The Peninsula ‘jewels in the crown’ are the Palm Beach Headland, the majestic Barrenjoey Lighthouse, and the lovely Palm Beach itself.


9A short ride further and I’m at the southern end of Palmie where you find the rock pool with views back along the beach.

10To avoid Barrenjoey Road, I head home via hilly coastal streets; it’s a great view looking back to where I was.

11As I pass Whale Beach I detour up towards Jonah’s Restaurant for more photos. A short ride west found me at the small but beautiful McKay Reserve which has sweeping views back towards Pittwater. Definitely worth the diversion.


13Back on the coastal road I follow a small track towards a panoramic clifftop reserve called Bangally Head. More amazing views.


14aI ride past Avalon Beach and divert via The Serpentine in order to avoid the worst of The Bends. I use Barrenjoey Road for the final kilometre to Newport Beach where I started.


16For me this has been a fantastic ride, but be warned: the hills are very steep and an eBike is essential. The 37 kms over 3 hours has some of the most beautiful views in the country. I used Barrenjoey Road for only a couple of short stretches, the rest was all back streets and footpaths. This ride gets a ‘safe and scenic’ tick from me. I’ll be doing it more often for sure.


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  1. Hi Garry
    I’m thinking of taking my retirees cycling group from Killcare Heights to Wagstaffe, then Ferry to Palm Beach. I’d like a short approximately 10-15km ride from Palm Beach. Back roads rather than Barrenjoey Rd. Did look at description of your PB ride but could find no Strava link. Any ideas for route and lunch stop would be appreciated. Thanks John


    • As much as I would like to encourage you John, I have to say that the northern end of the Peninsula is the most dangerous for riding. Pittwater road may be OK for young roadies who assert their space, but if safety is a priority you just dont ride where there is no bike lane, no shoulder, and lots of winding hazards. The few alternative streets are very hilly on the ocean and Pittwater side. A better idea might be to ride around flat Palm Beach, then ride as close to the Lighthouse as you can, chain your bikes, and have a marvelous walk up to a fantastic view.


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