Northern Beaches Tourist Ride



If your regular routes are feeling stale its amazing how fresh they will seem if you imagine showing them to someone else for the very first time. I do this occasionally on my regular rides around Sydney’s Northern Beaches and it helps me see familiar things through fresh eyes. On this occasion, my imaginary tourist friend and I set out from Manly Wharf as it is a popular and accessible destination by ferry.




From the wharf, its a few minutes ride to iconic Manly Beach, then up the southern headland to Freshwater Beach, Freshwater Headland and Curl Curl.



From Curl Curl, its a few backstreets over the Dee Why Headland then on to the spectacular Long Reef Headland which is the highlight of the ride.



From Long Reef Headland, we passed Collaroy Beach and diverted to the southern side of Narrabeen Lake before taking the Cromer bike path back to Dee Why and returning to Manly.

This seven minute GoPro video records the ride highlights and shows the beauty of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Safe and scenic all the way, with no riding on roads and lots of interconnecting shared paths and a few quiet backstreets.

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  1. Hello, I surely do appreciate and like these reports and suggestions and videos! One question though – is it possible to download the route map to Google maps or is it available on Strava only?


    • Hi Steve; on 23 January I posted this brief review on Facebook: Merida 2021 eOne Sixty Carbon 8000 EP8 – First Impressions: this is my third eOne Sixty so I have a baseline for comparison. It’s not just a motor upgrade but completely new power curve ergonomics. The motor is quiet and torque response smooth and proportionate to pedal load. Less gear and power assist changes are needed as the torque sensor responds so quickly. Transition points are much smoother and you don’t get that sudden change in power when you shift assist levels or reach 25kph. I can take hills at lower assist levels and my regular 45kms ride uses noticeably less battery power. Very impressed with this bike already.


  2. Always enjoying your videos. Gosh the video stabilisation with that GoPro is excellent! I was assuming it was on a chest harness until I saw your shadow at one point. How lucky you are to live in sunny Sydney.

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    • Thank you Harry; always appreciate feedback – keeps the blog motivated. The GoPRo is remarkably stable and easy to use. When I’m too old to venture out on two wheels I can watch the rides while pedalling on a stationary bike.


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