Mona Vale to Scotland Island

MonaWith Scotland Island in mind, this ride could have started anywhere on the Northern Beaches but a Mona Vale Beach start picks up where we left the last tour report. Heading north for a couple of kilometres takes you to a headland look-out with spectacular views back over the beach.


 I couldn’t resist going the extra mile or two on the path along Pittwater Road just to get a view of Bungan Beach from on high. From there, I headed south-west to find Darley Street which takes you to the hidden nook of Pittwater: the beautiful Bayview and Rowland Reserves.


It’s not obvious from the road to Church Point, but there is a charming path the entire way which means you don’t mix with traffic. Hard to avoid stopping often as the scenery is simply gorgeous.


Church Point is full of charm, and the olde-worlde General Store includes a great café.  The Island Ferry comes every hour or so. I paid $8.50 for a senior return and my ebike was free.


The first Scotland Island stop is only a few minutes away but I stayed on to disembark on the eastern side of the island at Tennis Court Wharf. There are no tennis courts, or shops, or cafes, or cars, just an idyllic time-warp oasis only an hour from Sydney.


Scotland Island residents are fiercely proud of their community and way of life. The couple of roads, or in some places tracks, are rugged and hilly, and you can get around the 2,5 km road on foot but the eBike made it easy and fun. I explored some of the paths across the top of the island but be warned: they are tough going. I suggest staying on the main roadway.


I went around the Island almost twice and still made the ferry pickup an hour later. I didn’t rush and the sightseeing was fascinating.


I re-traced my path from Church Point, via Bayview to Mona Vale Beach where I left my car. This is not a long tour and could be completed in less or more time depending on hour many stops you make. Either way, it is thoroughly enjoyable.

9 Map

Map Scotland Island

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