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Terrey Hills Trail 2

I did’nt plan to do another Terrey Hills Trail ride so soon after the last one, but a spur of the moment decision found me on the Perimeter Trail once again. The contrast in colours with the last ride is striking. The Rural Fire Brigade had recently finished the pre-fire season burn-off and there had been a few days of rain with growth regeneration everywhere. In some parts, the valley side of the Trail was like a black and white movie, while on the town side it was alive with vibrant colours.


About five kilometres along Perimeter you’ll find the Smiths Creek West Trail descending into the valley. And I mean descending; do not try it unless you are confident on slopes. It is very steep and keeps going down for over a kilometre to the valley floor which is lush and marshy. Not much else to see down there and a long way up.



The burn-off creates dramatic gold-coloured grass trees against black backgrounds. The leaves on trees rustle so much lounder in the wind after burn-offs, it’s almost sppoky.


I met two horse riders near the bottom of Smiths Trail and was amazed that their mounts could handle the slope with ease. I caught up with them at the top and they kindly posed for a photo; lovely chatting with you girls.

6I enjoyed the ride too much to head home, so I took another unnamed short trail and found this lookout with glimpses down to Akuna Bay.

6aI then finished  Perimeter and headed back to the Nerang Ave entry point. What a wonderful area for riiding. I covered 24 kms in just under 2 hours. I recommend Perimeter for most riders but Smiths only for suitable bikes.

Terrey Hills 2

Link to Strave map via my account @ Richard Alaba

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