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Ettalong to Gosford

The summer heat means an early start for long rides. I caught the 7:30am ferry from Palm Beach and mounted my ebike in Ettalong by 8am. There is an excellent cycleway all the way to Gosford, but on the outbound ride I diverted to explore Booker Bay, Umina, and Correa Bay.



This is such a scenic area, with picture post card views and wide Central Coast/Brisbane Water panoramas everywhere.


4I connected with the cycleway near Woy Woy for a lovely flat ride all the way to Gosford. Woy Woy is a nice stopping point with charming bayside village atmosphere. Keep an eye out for paths into wetlands.



Gosford is 17kms from Ettalong, so the return trip is about 35kms. Lots of cafes for a coffee break around Gosford bay.


The ride back was getting warm so I took the most direct route on the cycleway. The path is an excellent piece of infrastructure and there are lots of pelican marshals on duty.



I took the return ferry at 12:30 as the temperature climbed but ocean breezes made it comfortable.



My 52km ride in under three hours could be shortened by sticking to the safe and scenic cycleway in both directions. This a must-do ride that feels as if it’s a long way from Sydney but it’s really only a 30 minute ferry from Palm Beach.


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  1. The return from Ettalong to Gosford is about 35km, well within the range of all ebikes without recharging. The broader issue of recharging stations is one we may need to wait for while yet, but its coming. Thanks for visiting Gillian.


  2. Where can you recharge on a long ride .? I know Newcastle has recharging stations on the bike track .
    I’m looking forward to see them offered everywhere πŸ™‚

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  3. A suggestion – when you get to Gosford continue on for another 10-15 mins to Point Frederick and see Pioneer Park and cemetery. Lot of history there

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  4. My sister-in-law lives at Woy Woy, so I rode from Woy Woy to Gosford when we were staying there with caravan and bikes. Quite a flat route so ok even without e-bike 😎

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  5. What would be the best train option for this ride – Gosford ? For info of those of us who don’t have a car and don’t fancy the ride up and down to Palm Beach as well (even though a ferry trip sounds nice)

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