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Ryde to Parramatta

7 Stadium

Everyone has a fall-back ride to choose when you cannot think of something different. The Ryde to Parramatta bike path is my fall-back; it’s safe, scenic and flexible enough to add loops and diversions to your hearts content.

1 Ryde startI usually start at Morrison Park in Ryde, but you could also start in Parramatta or the Olympic Park (especially if transporting bikes by train). The overall loop is about 40kms and is a comfortable half day tour. Its slower than you might expect because there is so much beautiful and interesting sightseeing.

2 Rhodes path You cross the bridge at Rhodes and follow a luxuriously long and sweeping river path with majestic views across the water.

4 Bicent park

Enter the Olympic Park precinct at the Bicentennial Park end, then make your way up to the stadium zone. It’s a wonderfully free feeling to ride over such vast open spaces around the huge stadium structures reminiscent of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

8 senior ebikies On this occasion, I was delighted to meet a group of fit-looking senior ebikers, all sporting great electric bicycles. We chatted for ages about ebikes, favourite tours, and recommended cafes and lunch spots. I’m hoping to hear from you guys with more details of your favourite rides that can be shared here.

Heading out of the Precinct, there is a network of wetland, forest and river paths and you can spend an entire day here exploring.

3 Parra River

Leaving the Olympic Precinct, you take a bush path to cross the river and follow it to the lovely Parramatta River Park. Just before you get there, you can divert to see the charming architecture of the University of Western Sydney.

The path then takes you into a glorious scenic area that passes the Parramatta Riverside Theatre then on to the Parramatta Park which is my usual turnaround point. Its also really close to one of my favourite bike shops so if you need a fix or want to talk bikes drop in to Blackman’s Bicycles.

This tour is under four hours at an easy pace on an excellent pathway.  It would rate highly with any rider.  Below is the Strava map: see you out there.

Ryde to Parra

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