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Southern Highlands

The NSW Southern Highlands is famous for its scenic countryside, village charm, and the quaintly named Bong Bong Bike Trail. The Trail officially starts at the Bowral Swimming Centre on the northern edge of town, less than a two-hour drive from Sydney.  When you see this lovely wooden bridge you’ll know you are in the right place, but from there it is unclear where to go. Cross the road, take the railway underpass then stay close to the railway line on a quiet backstreet.

1I navigated the first couple kilometres with guesswork. The Bong Bong Trail actually starts at the other end of Bowral, so with the guidance of a local I rode past the Bowral Brickworks and a few fields of grazing cattle until I passed The Oxley School grounds (Google maps will help).

2Soon after the School you reach the river and the Bong Bong Commons. From there the scenery is delightful: a lovely meandering cycleway along the Wingecarribee River. 3

4Soon after you reach this bridge you’ll find the Wingecarribee Wetlands and  this unusual swing gate; its a bit tricky with an ebike but you’ll get through OK.

5The Wetlands are well worth exploring. You’ll see a big reservoir  and a marshy wooded parkland with an excellent path and viewing platform.


7I headed back to the Bong Bong Trail which turns towards Moss Vale as it passes the Bong Bong Hill Church sitting proud on small hill. Actually, everything in this area seems to be named Bong Bong.


From the church its only about 20 minutes and you reach the charming village of Moss Vale. They love their gardens in the Southern Highland.

9 Moss Vale GardensI return on the same Trail but soon after pasing the Oxley School veer off to visit Bowral itself. Much of the village looks as if it has not changed since early last century. The Spring Floral Fair was in full bloom.



13I returned to the Swimming Centre and followed another bike path into the newer suburbs of Bowral. The bike paths seemed to go on forever, passing through lovely urban reserves and parks. Compliments for great urban planning in Bowral.

14What a great way to spend a day!  In all, I rode for 43 kms in under 3 hours, and my interest level never wavered. Full marks as a Safe and Scenic ride.


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  1. Lovely to hear from you Marios and thanks for your comments. If Bowral Council constructed a connecting cycle path from the Pool to the start of the Trail it would do wonders for the Highlands as a biking tourism destination. Your idea of a Bong Bong Train to Trail Ride is excellent.


  2. I really enjoyed reading this crisp, whimsical, informative and stimulating visual diary. A few years ago I stayed with friends at Burradoo, but didn’t have my bicycle with me at the time. I’d love to find out more about the bikeability of Bowral and surrounding townships/suburbs. Also, it would be wonderful if there was a bicycle excursions for a day from Sydney to Bowral via the train and back. The 3 carriage country train to Bowral could be supplemented by an additional car just for bikes, with cyclists paying a modest levy to make it worth Sydney Trains’s while. Perhaps an initiative to be proposed for Sydney Rides 2019. Cheers!


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