Sydney’s Best Ride?


Gladesville Bridge

What makes a great bike ride?

For ebikerdiary, it’s one that is safe and scenic. This means having varied and interesting scenery while avoiding roads. It must also have variable entry points, be enjoyable riding both directions and have a variety of length options. There should also be a few different ways of taking the route so it always feels fresh….and it should pass amenities and more importantly, good café’s or bakeries.

The one standout ride that has all these features is a circuit from the Gladesville Bridge to the Rhodes Bridge. You can use a variety of cycle paths, footpaths and quiet back streets that stay close to the Parramatta River. You can also enter from any point and extend it to include Olympic Park or the City of Parramatta.



On the south side of the river, the route goes through several suburbs including Five Dock, Abbotsford, Canada Bay, Cabarita, and Concord. On the north side, it includes Putney, Huntley’s Point, and Gladesville. You can find photos and details on the Gladesville to Rhodes report posted early in 2019.

The following GoPro video was taken on 18 December 2019. It compresses almost 40 kms over two hours and a half riding to six and a half minutes (based on 51 separate clips). This is a ride well worth trying.

What’s your favourite?


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