Patonga-Pearl Beach

If you are looking for a different ride, the Palm Beach to Patonga/Pearl Beach is an unusual fire trail riding adventure.

1 leaving Palm Beach

I took my Kalkhoff eBike onto the Palm Beach ferry and headed across Broken Bay. I had planned to do the Brisbane Waters loop but Ettalong Wharf was out of action, so that ride will have to wait.

2 arriving Patongo

4 Patongo Beach

Patonga is a tranquil village on Broken Bay with a long beach nestled against steep hills. The fire trail starts a couple of kilometres up the only road going out of town. Although I avoid roads this one felt safe although you will need to use your top electric assistance setting and a low gear to get up that hill.
5 Patong National Park fire trail

The trail is easy to find on the right side of the road. The undulating and wide gravel track is slow going but that’s what you want in a National Park.

6 scenic lookout back to Palm Beach

The highlight of the trip both for riders and walkers is the headland lookout with views to Palm Beach and back to Broken Bay.

8 amzing views

The descent to Pearl Beach is gradual and you’ll need to keep your speed down as you arrive at the hidden oasis of Pearl Beach.


As I left Patongo it felt like I had a holiday a very long way from Sydney despite it being less than an hour away from the CBD.  You could also do it on foot and I met several walkers along the way.

12 leaving Patongo

I logged 24 kms over three hours with half of that on a ferry, so the riding is very slow but very beautiful.

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