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La Perouse

I have not visited this area for many years and forgot how interesting and scenic it is. I unloaded my ebike in the Chifley Sports Centre carpark, then rode through the Cemetery grounds on the other side of the road. While it’s not a tourist feature, it is peaceful and fascinating riding through the various modest and monumental sections. I was surprised to stumble across the memorial to Arthur Stace, the mysterious figure who wrote the word Eternity in thousands of public places over 35 years.

1The eastern side of the cemetary leads to the strikingly clear blue waters of Yarra Bay and a lovely there-and-back ride to Molineux Point Reserve where you can see across to Kurnell

2I followed the bike path back through the Bicentennial Reserve which skirts the cemetery and headed towards La Perouse headland. The beach and bay are pristine and picture perfect.

3The headland, bridge and island are popular tourist destinations so better to avoid weekends. The nearby café makes great coffee.



Leaving the headland, I headed north through the Kamay-Botany Bay National Park then followed a trail through the back of the NSW Golf Course. The military relics and spectacular clifftop views are well worth the ride.



At just over 30kms, this is not a particularly long ride and as you can see from the map it’s tempting to explore diversions. I look forward to coming back.


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  1. Yarra bay is currently facing extinction with the threat of mega cruise terminal to be placed in the middle of the bay by 2024. We have formed a community group called “Save the Bay Coalition” to fight this so everyone can continue to enjoy the beach! if you would like to continue these bike tours exploring this amazing area, please sign our petition here: https://www.change.org/p/malcolm-turnbull-cruise-ships-don-t-belong-in-botany-bay or follow us on facebook at Save the Bay Coalition or on instagram @saveyarrabay.

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  2. We would love to do this bike tour in the future! Thank you.
    And it is a timely reminder that we really need to do everything to save Yarra Bay from the Government’s evil plan to build a huge Cruise Ship terminal in the Bay.
    Please join our Facebook Page
    Save the Bay Coalition
    Please sign the petition below
    Stop the Cruise Ships in Botany Bay

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