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Sydney CDB loop

After several days indoors because of heat then rain, cabin fever was setting in. Despite today’s forecast, I mounted my trusty Merida eBike and grabbed a Manly Ferry to the City. This is one of those rides you vary to suit: I had no master plan other than to ride where it is pretty and quiet, and what better way to start than sailing across Sydney Harbour.

1The earlier you go the better. On impulse, I headed south towards the Opera House then on to the Royal Botanic Gardens.



3Call it kitsch or cliché, I don’t mind, but I’ll continue photographing the House, Bridge, and Lady Macquarie’s Chair until it’s time to go.

4A short ride past the Art Gallery (with tourists waiting for doors to open), then its on to Wooloomooloo.



6After cruising down several lanes to admire the Federation architecture, I headed to Kings Cross and the El Alamain Fountain.

7From the Cross I headed towards the Sydney Showground, then Surry Hills, Redfern, and Central Railway.



From the University of Technology, it’s a short ride to the Sydney Fish Markets, Pyrmont, Bangaroo, then The Rocks.





15This ride is a gentle 32 kms in under 3 hours, on footpaths only, with many pedestrian crossings and many interesting things to see. A wonderfully safe and scenic ride indeed.


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  1. Hi Ebiker. Like the others have said, Thank you for producing these rides, photos and Strava details.
    We are encouraged to bring our bikes up from Milton/Ulladulla to do the Sydney CBD ride.
    What a beautiful city we have in Sydney!


  2. Hey Richard, just found your blog site this afternoon…..great work….that is fantastic. I don’t have an E-Bike but have a touring style bike….love to do some of your rides soon…..great inspiration to get out there again. Thankyou for making this website.

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    • Thank you Dave; its comments like yours that makes the blog worthwhile. Many of the rides here can be done on regular bikes by fit riders; the two-wheeling community see so much more of life.


  3. Just catching up in a few of your rides I haven’t had a chance to read. Can so relate about taking photos of opera house etc. I just can NEVER take enough. Hoping hubby buys an e-bike today when we go looking so we will defiantly be doing some of the rides you have written about.

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  4. Nice to hear from you Andrew. Doesnt Blackwattle Bay border the Fishmarket? Thats where the shots of the Anzac Bridge were taken. Its a beautiful area. What are your favourite rides?


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