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M7 Cycleway

For keen bikers, there is nothing worse than being cooped up, waiting for wet weather to pass. If you are busting for a long ride, the M7 Cycleway is almost always rideable. Better in cooler months, it has good wind sheltering and rapid drainage. There are some interesting diversions and the purpose-built wide path is completely safe. You can join anywhere along its 40 kms length; but I start where the path begins in Kings Langley.


2For scenic variety, take the exit marked Western Sydney Parklands for a very pleasant 15 kms path through natural bushland. Follow the signs to the Nurragingy Reserve, an amazing oasis in the middle of western Sydney.



Last time I was here there was a lot of construction underway, but on this ride everything was all accessible and looked fabulous under a brief few hours of clear sky.





The full ride covered about 80 kms and took three and a half hours (all on one battery). It’s the kind of ride that you sleep well after doing.


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    • Too easy! Look up Edna Place, which is a short suburban street adjacent to a reserve. You will see a small bridge crossing a canal which leads to the M7 cycleway entry; only 50 metres away. Edna Place is free all day parking. Enjoy the ride and make sure you divert into the Western Sydney Parklands.

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      • Thanks heaps. I took your advice and purchased the Serfas seat! It’s very good. Panniers are on the way and a Thudbuster will be next. I am so incredibly glad you put the story of, ‘eBikeing the Victorian High Country’ in Dec’s edition of Rail Trails Australia. You’ve opened up a fantastic and fascinating new world for me to explore. Now, to get this 66yr old body fully accustomed to more and more riding.

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