Woodford to Glenbrook Trail

Described as the ‘classic Blue Mountains MTB ride’, the Oaks Trail runs from Woodford to Glenbrook in an undulating downwards direction. Some do the return ride, but most take the train from Glenbrook back to Woodford (which is what I did). The ride is classic in the sense that most of the trail is surrounded by a canopy of trees, but there are a few panoramas to enjoy.




The highlight of this ride was a 10km diversion along the Nepean Lookout Trail. The views are spectacular.




There are several steep sections that will call on your ebike battery and require hard pedalling. Also, the access gate from the Woodford end is also NOT seniors friendly. The chance arrival of a very strong and kind young man who lifted my bike over as if it were a packet of corn flakes made the ride possible. The Glenbrook end is open gated, so no problems there. Although enjoyable, especially the Nepean Lookout, I would not do this one again.



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