Cronulla Explorer

Cronulla explorer

For most of us, Cronulla is a ride turning-point or a destination with lovely cafes and bakeries. However, it’s also a fascinating area for exploring on two-wheels with some of the most stunning scenery around Sydney. Remember to avoid weekends and holidays; this is a mid-week ride and people traffic was very light.

With no particular route in mind, I parked my car on the northern end of Captain Cook’s Bridge and headed along the usual Taren Point cycle path, turning east at Sharks Park. I used the wide bike lane on Captain Cook’s Drive for about 5kms until reaching the Hockey Playing Fields, behind which is a path that leads into the Cronulla Sand Dunes.

Captain Cooks Bridge

Sand dunes lookoutCronulla sand dunes

I followed the Sand Dunes trail all the way into main Cronulla beach; there are two 50metre stretches of soft sand which require walking the bike but otherwise it’s a very ridable track. Once in Cronulla, I stayed close to the beach-line and followed the coastal walk for a few kilometres. There are no-bike signs so I mostly rode on the grass verge alongside the path until it disappeared then used a side street exit towards Burraneer Bay.

Cronulla esplanadeCronulla Beach WalkCronulla foreshore

Once you leave the beaches, the scenery disappears and it’s a suburban maze of streets. Housing is built right down to the waterline and there is very little public land along the bay, so I headed back until found the Taren Point cycle path which took me back to Dolls Point.

This five minute GoPro gives you a good idea of what you can see on this mostly scenic ride.

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