Cronulla Explorer

Cronulla explorer


For most of us, Cronulla is a ride turning-point or a destination with lovely cafes and bakeries. However, it’s also a fascinating area for exploring on two-wheels with some of the most stunning scenery around Sydney. Remember to avoid weekends and holidays; this is a mid-week ride and people traffic was very light.

With no particular route in mind, I parked my car on the northern end of Captain Cook’s Bridge and headed along the usual Taren Point cycle path, turning east at Sharks Park. I used the wide bike lane on Captain Cook’s Drive for about 5kms until reaching the Hockey Playing Fields, behind which is a path that leads into the Cronulla Sand Dunes.

Captain Cooks Bridge

Sand dunes lookoutCronulla sand dunes

I followed the Sand Dunes trail all the way into main Cronulla beach; there are two 50metre stretches of soft sand which require walking the bike but otherwise it’s a very ridable track. Once in Cronulla, I stayed close to the beach-line and followed the coastal walk for a few kilometres. There are no-bike signs so I mostly rode on the grass verge alongside the path until it disappeared then used a side street exit towards Burraneer Bay.

Cronulla esplanadeCronulla Beach WalkCronulla foreshore

Once you leave the beaches, the scenery disappears and it’s a suburban maze of streets. Housing is built right down to the waterline and there is very little public land along the bay, so I headed back until found the Taren Point cycle path which took me back to Dolls Point.

This five minute GoPro gives you a good idea of what you can see on this mostly scenic ride.

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  1. Hi Richard, I had a blast y’day doing the Tempe Recreation Reserve to Cronulla ride as essentially described in your diary. The path is well-marked and easy-to-follow, the road section around Wooloware was in a clearly marked and wide bike lane, and the cycle path itself wound its way through some parts of Sydney I’d never seen before, despite spending the 1st 30yrs of my life here! I caught the train back to Wolli Creek, another one of your welcomed bits of advice, and, all told, clocked up exactly 29kms (with a bit of extra riding around the Reserve to get the exact distance!!).

    I can’t personally thank you enough for this marvelous diary. It’s certainly added a new, exciting and welcomed addition to my exercise regime.



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