Covid Lockdown City Ride

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One of the accepted excuses for leaving a residence during a Covid Lockdown is exercise, yet Sydney today was empty of bicycles and people. It is a wonderful experience to cruise around the Sydney Harbour foreshores and enjoy some of the most magnificent scenery you’ll find anywhere in the world. If you have not tried it, do it while the city is empty.

This ride goes from the Sydney Harbour Bridge via the Rocks and Darling Harbour to the Anzac Bridge. I parked my car in a free zone in Kirribilli and fortunately my ebike has a walk assist which helped getting up those notorious stairs.


The following images and the five and a half minute GoPro show the highlights (watch the video of high res). There is much to see.












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  1. Always good to reminisce about my times cycling around Sydney. In fact the streets looked like this on a Sunday back in the 70s – apart from the new futuristic buildings in the background.

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  2. Fantastic photos, making the most of the opportunity to ride through Sydney whilst uncrowded. Why not seize the opportunity while you can.

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