Tempe to Cronulla

Which cycling route is bounded by the most water, without needing to ride on a single road? The Tempe to Cronulla ride must be up there close to top of the list. If 50kms return is too short for you, the ride can easily be extended by starting another 10km west along the Cook River, stretching the ride to 70kms.

This version started in Waterworth Park, Wolli Creek. The route meanders behind Tempe Station, along the Cook River, through Cahill Park, and then on to Barton Park at the southern edge of Sydney Airport.


Wolli Creek


Cahill Park


Airport Creek

You then join one of the prettiest cycleways in the country, staying adjacent to Botany Bay until you reach Captain Cook’s Bridge. Along the way you pass through the suburbs of Kyeemagh, Brighton-Le Sands, Monterey, Ramsgate, Sans Souci, Dolls Point, and Sandringham.


Kyeemagh end of Botany Bay


Captain Cook’s Bridge

Cross the Bridge into Taren Point, then through Caringbah, Woolooware, and the new suburb of Greenhills Beach to arrive at iconic Cronulla Beach. Stay on the path until you reach Cronulla Village, where you will be spoilt for choice for café’s and bakeries throughout the open Mall.


North Cronulla Beach


Cronulla Beach

The return leg can be along the same route or varied, as this one did, by winding your way through the green belt that stretches from Sandringham back to Barton Park. You’ll pass an archery, parks, fields, horse stables, creeks, and playgrounds; this variation is on grassy terrain and better suited for wider tyres.


Barton Park

The almost flat 50kms ride at under three hours can easily be trimmed to suit. The whole ride has been reduced to a short GoPro video showing what to expect on this delightful, safe, and scenic ride:

Click here for Tempe to Cronulla Youtube Video – 6mins 40sec

Strava Tempe to Cronulla

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  1. I used to ride in this area in the late ’70s. I don’t recall being able to do much of it off-road though.

    To today. A friend and I have been looking at the NSW Coast Cycle Trail website starting to plan a Sydney – Melbourne ride once this pesky virus is under control. Now I know how to get to Cronulla in a safe way.

    Thanks for the memory jogger and information stored away for the future trip.


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