Kyeemagh to Boat Harbour

Towards Cronulla

Ever felt the urge to ride your bike on a long and lonely beach? Without even leaving Sydney? That’s what makes this particular ride unique.

The popular Botany Bay cycleway from Tempe to Kurnell/Cronulla can be ridden in a variety of ways and some have been posted here before. (See Tempe to Cronulla, Airport to Kurnell,Arncliffe to Kurnell, and the Kurnell Peninsula.)


This ride variation goes from Kyeemagh to little-known Boat Harbour. The first 20kms follows the regular cycleway from the Kyeemagh end of Brighton Le Sands, across Captain Cook Bridge, then on to Greenhills Beach. From there most riders usually turn south towards Cronulla, but this ride turns north onto a sandy dirt road until you find the recently built Boat Harbour Reserve.


Looking towards the suburb of Greenhills Beach

Towards Kurnell

Looking towards Kurnell

The dirt road takes you onto the beachline that runs from Boat Harbour Beach all the way to Cronulla CBD via Wanda, Elouera, North and South Cronulla beaches. That half an hour of riding on sand makes this a very special ride, but you can only do it at low tide. Fat tyres are definitely recommended both on the beach and the access road.

To Kurnell

Kurnell in background


Cronulla in background

This 3-minute GoPro clip captures the highlights of riding on sand, just ahead of incoming waves. It felt magic.


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    • Hey Angus; am I missing something here? The Strava log shows its a 51.4km ride in total (return). You could probably make it a 100km by joining the Cooks River Cycleway at Tempe.


    • I used the Merida eOne Sixty, with a mid to high power setting because even with 3″ wide tyres at 30psi there is some resistance despite the firm-ish wet sand. Skinny tyres would be tough and a non-ebike would need calves of steel for the 6kms one way.


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