Airport to Kurnell

The Airport to Kurnell ride has been covered on this site before, so what has changed to make it worth another mention? (see Kurnell Peninsula and Arncliffe to Kurnell)

It’s a long ride, depending on where you start. This one starts in the first carpark on Brighton-le-Sands as you leave the airport expressway, only a few hundred metres from the airport creek. The ride along Botany Bay is delightful and the new cycleway from Captain Cook’s Bridge to the Shark’s Stadium is excellent.





But the next section usually scares off riders who prefer to avoid roads (like me). Last time I rode on Captain Cook Drive to Kurnell, there was a scrappy little bike lane that shrunk to a few inches in places as oil tankers roll by.

Now…there is an extra wide bike lane that comes into play when other cycle paths run out. It’s about 10kms long and takes you straight into Kurnell village. I rode with my 25-year old son and we could safely ride side by side the whole way.

The suburb is not the main attraction, but the views from the Kamay National Park makes the ride worthwhile (the sole corner café also makes excellent coffee).





Solander Point


This version of the ride came in at 55kms and under 3 hours. Kurnell is one of those places that you visit just to see Botany Bay from a different point view; take some lunch and spend some time on Solander Point for some magnificent views.

More route detail on the Strava route at https://strava.app.link/13sXF3xy1Z


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