Mosman to Cremorne

If this ride is on your bucket list, you might consider removing it. I have often wondered how close you can ride to the northern shoreline of Sydney Harbour; that is, from Mosman to the Harbour Bridge. After trying it, I can report that road-averse riders cannot get far at all.


I unloaded my bike at the nearest accessible water reserve on the western side of Taronga Park Zoo, which is Sirius Cove Reserve. I was grateful to have an eBike as some of the Mosman and Cremorne hills would challenge a mountain-goat. Sirius Cove is a pretty little spot, which you can see from the top of the next hill. It was a dull day so the photos have little punch.

2Every street I took towards the shoreline was blocked with private properties and no-through roads. That’s why the Strava map looks such a mess. The only real shoreline access among the labyrinth of hilly, narrow, busy streets is Mosman Bay. It’s a lovely bay, but the ferry wharf means it is also busy and there is not much to explore except the Mosman Bay Reserve.



If you enjoy fancy architecture, the highlight feature of this ride is the houses. Every imaginable style of mansion is there and the views over some backyards are amazing.



When you reach the only other section of accessible public land at Cremorne Reserve you are greeted with a “NO BIKES” sign. The local council are not simply bike un-friendly, they are positively bike-hostile. For most of this ride, the only harbour views are across the tops of houses, but you cannot enjoy even this because the footpaths are narrow and the streets treacherous.6

I was glad to turn back after one and a half hours and a difficult 20kms. I hope my report saves you from doing this a ride. At least it’s one more ticked off the list.

Mosman Cremorn map


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