Albury Wetlands

It felt good exploring Albury’s extensive cycling paths after a six-and-a-half-hour drive from Sydney en route to the Victorian High Country Trail and the Great Victorian Rail Trail. The Albury shared-paths meander through local suburbs but my favourite part is the beautiful Wonga Wetlands.


You enter the path behind the Albury Sports Ground into a reserve called the Padman Mates Park, which then follows the mighty Murray River.

The following 55 second video clip gives you an idea of the lush greenery that surrounds the path:

Albury Wetlands video clip 55 secs

The lagoons, small lakes and ponds provide idyllic scenery amidst a background of birdsong.









Albury Council is about to open an extension to the path, and I look forward to riding there again. This is a delightful area and you should take the time to explore its smaller side tracks; it takes about an hour and a half to cover 15kms of wetland paths. Well worth it for some sweet memories.

Albury Wetlands path

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