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Maroubra, Malabar & La Perouse

I cannot recall ever visiting Maroubra or Malabar and that was sufficient reason to load the ebike onto the car and head southside. What have I been missing all these years! It’s really a beautiful, bike-friendly area. I started on the rugged cliffs at the northern end of Maroubra Beach.


Maroubra is a long sweeping beach, framed at both ends by headlands. It has an un-spoilt natural feel about it, as if it was early last century (except for the deep blue clubhouse).


From the beach, the only game plan was to stay as close to the shoreline as possible (plus a few dead ends). In this image, the top path goes behind the Malabar Firing Range and ends up in secluded fishing spots. I was told there were keen bites. The bottom path goes around the Coast Golf Club.


I soon found lovely Malabar Beach tucked neatly into a horse-shoe headland formation. The path then led me into St Michaels Golf Club, then the NSW Golf Club. How are there three golf courses located side by side blocking public access to the ocean? But the views are glorious!



I met another keen bikie who was my guide for an hour or so (thank you Mia). We kept saying how unbelievably beautiful are the views and how are we getting away with riding around the edge of golf courses.


The ride eventually took me around to La Perouse headland before hitting the return trail. See my recent photo report on La Perouse for more gorgeous shots.


On the way back, I somehow found myself riding past the Long Bay Correctional Centre which is a scarily impressive establishment. With cameras on towers everywhere, I thought maybe leave the photography alone for a while.  But not for long: I took a diversion into the former Prince Henry Hospital grounds to enjoy the elegant heritage listed buildings.


As I neared the end of the trip I diverted into the Malabar National Park. It’s walk-only so I soon turned back, but not before grabbing some shots. I love the varied textures in this one.

9This is a great Safe and Scenic bike tour that stretched for about 30 kms and took less than an hour and a half. I’m planning to come back soon.