Lennox Head to Ballina

Another coast-hugging, safe and scenic North Coast bike path runs from Lennox Head to Ballina. Staying off-road, I started near Lake Ainsworth at the north end of Lennox Head Beach and just followed the coast line for about 18 kilometres into Ballina. The path is wide and of mixed construction, easy to follow, with great views the whole way.




Where the path rises onto the headlands it becomes a grass lane; the clifftop views are spectacular and popular for whale spotting.




The path enters Ballina on a breakwater, then crosses a bridge into the township where I had great coffee and pastry.



The return leg was just as enjoyable with very few people sharing the path. This ride has such varied scenery, from beaches, to cliffs, headlands, rainforests, and riversides.



Below is a 3 minute GoPro clip that shows the highlights of the ride, as well as a Strava map for the route.


Lennox Ballina

There is also a longer Ballina Loop I could have added (see Council map below) but the weather was threatening so I opted to leave it for another day.

Ballina Loop


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