Bouddi National Park


A thirty minute ferry ride from Sydney’s Palm Beach will get you to one of the most scenic riding locations you’ll find.  I caught the 10:30 Palm Beach ferry and returned on the 2:20 ferry from Wagstaff, and in between enjoyed some of the most picturesque places you can find so close to Sydney.




The first leg of the ride was from Wagstaff Wharf through Hardys Bay to Kilcare. Its flat all the way until you take the main road from the Kilcare shopping village and ascend to the ridge trail that runs to Box Head.




The ridge trail is easy to find because its the highest point on the landscape. From the top, you can see the Palm Beach lighthouse and Pittwater.





Tallow Beach is pretty and isolated because the only way to get there is by water or the roller-coaster trail.


After climbing back up the Trail I still had a hour before my return ferry so I headed for the south end of Putty Beach then the north end, just for fun.



By the time I returned to Wagstaff Wharf I had ridden about 30kms over two and half hours. Instead of a long ride its more of an exploring adventure.


One of the highlights of the ride was the 900m descent on the Tallow Beach Trail. Its steep and feels like a roller-coaster with undulating mounds all the way down to the beach. Its hard to capture on a still image but the last part of this short GoPro clip shows you what I mean. I forgot to turn Strava on so I sketched my flight path below.


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