Narrow Neck Trail, Katoomba

The Narrow Neck Trail is one of the most spectacular mountain bike rides the Blue Mountains has to offer. Unlike other trails that are hemmed in by canopies of foliage, Narrow Neck follows a ridge line with dramatic panoramas everywhere. It’s not far from Katoomba, so a shot of Echo Point’s most famous three ladies is obligatory.


TheTrail is a few kms along Glenraphael Rd, off Cliff Drive. It’s a winding dirt road with several parking options, so I parked well back from the entrance gate to enjoy more riding. The NPWS access gate is the usual obstacle course but this one was easy to roll under.



The views start immediately and just don’t stop. It’s a good riding surface, a bit bumpy, and Strava is useless as internet kept dropping out. You do need to be comfortable with steep ascents and descents, but sensible speed control makes it safer than it looks. You can always get off and take a short walk.



At 10km one way, it’s a relatively short ride but going out takes much longer than expected because of constant stopping to gawk at the views.

The name Narrow Neck could not be more appropriate to describe the shape of this trail.





When you see this fire tower you know that the end of the Trail is not far away.


The ride out took about an hour and a half, and the turnaround point rewards you with spectacular 270-degree views, including a sightline to the Warragamba Dam catchment.




It took less than an hour to get back, still with several stops to see things from a different angle. I enjoyed this ride so much that I’ll be back soon for another run.




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