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There are many blogs and websites that describe rides, but most are by and for younger cyclists brave enough to ride on roads. This blog is different in two ways: it is for road-averse riders who place high priority on safety; and it tries to show what the ride looks like rather than focus on maps and riding data.

I was inspired into eBiking after riding the 152km Otago Rail Trail in New Zealand.  Since then I have had three ebikes which has been a learning experience as my riding preferences developed. My current ebike is a Merida eOne Sixty 800 Full Suspension bought from Sydney Electric Bikes. It’s a go-anywhere machine and I love it.


Sydney has a patchy bike path network and it’s not always easy to find safe and scenic rides. So hopefully this blog will inspire others to try these tours and maybe share their riding experiences.

Each tour is described in terms of start and finish points, scenic highlights, overall length, approximate time taken, plus a map. With 20 years of professional photography behind me, there are also lots of photos.

Feel free to comment on anything that attracts your interest and share your own favourite rides.




PS: if you would like more detailed route information and you have a Strava account, please feel free to connect with me via my account name: Richard Alaba

PSS: if there are any ebikers out there who are also keen movie goers, please visit my film review site at https://cinemusefilms.com

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  1. Hi Richard, What a wonderful resource you have created!! Thank you. I have owned a Merida EBig Tour 7 300 for over a year now and living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, have traveled over 4,000 km on it, over some of the rides you have listed. Would love to be in contact with other interested riders.

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  2. My ebike and me don’t feel safe on the roads around Fairlight, so I use the footpaths, some of which are bike-designated. The police ignore me,as they do anyone riding on the footpaths. However I do respect pedestrians, and slow or stop as necessary

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    • I’m with you Lars; many riders use the footpaths without any inconvenience to pedestrians. But there are omany who have given up riding completely believing that they may incur a penalty for riding on their local footpaths. I have raised the issue with local Council, Bikes NSW, U3A, and the Council on the Aging to gather support for a rule change. Any support from you and your friends very welcome. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Nice to hear from you Sam. All rides return to the starting point which are identified in the ride report as well as on a Strava or Google map. Have you ridden any of the ones here or do you have a favourite you can share?


  4. G’day Richard
    Pleasure bumping into you (numerous times ) out at Lane Cove last Sunday.
    I’m Firefighter Jen. Hope you recall.
    The offer for a guided ride around Ourimbah is there for tomorrow, Thursday 14th if you can make it.
    Otherwise keep my contact details for any other future adventures in the region.

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