Homebush-Parramatta loop


If you were asked to name the most iconic cycleway in Sydney, what would you choose?

If we added criteria such as avoiding roads entirely, having endlessly varied and interesting scenery, being adjustable in length and able to start at a variety of places, there can only be one answer. Its the Homebush Bay to Parramatta cycleway.



This version of the ride started in the carpark near Kissing Point Wharf, then crossed the Parramatta River over the Concord Bridge to the Rhodes Foreshore Park.



It continues into the Olympic Precinct via Bicentennial Park, then meanders around the village eateries. It then winds its way through the Precinct to the Homebush Bay Wharf, past Newington, crossing the Silverwater Bridge to follow the cycleway into Parramatta. The return leg is more direct along the southern side of Parramatta River to Kissing Point.


If you have not tried this ride, you should. This 9minute GoPro video traces the route and shows some of the visual landscape. You can add another 10kms by going around Parramatta Park to the old prison, or start at the Gladesville Bride which can almost double the length of the ride. It ticks every box.


Homebush-Parramatta Strava


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