Cook’s River Cycleway

Cook River post

One of Sydney’s best known and well-used cycleways follows the Cooks River from the Airport almost to Flemington. It is flat, wide, safe, and scenic for most of the ride. Even in the current pandemic shutdown where most cycle paths are heavily crowded, I found the Cooks River much less congested than other popular routes.

Wolli Creek

Wolli Creek

You can start anywhere you can get to, but this one begins on Brighton Le Sands Beach, in the carpark closest to Sydney Airport.


From there, you simply stay on the shared cycle path, through suburbs like Wolli Creek, Tempe, Earlwood, and Strathfield. The newly completed park in Flemington is worth riding the extra couple of kilometres, especially if you have a taste for some deliciously authentic Asian dim sims, won tons, or pork buns.

Airport Creek

The following five minute GoPro video captures the ride features, and the Strava map below provides the outline for this 42 kms route that takes about two and a half hours.



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