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Terrey Hills Trail

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If you have ever been tempted to get away from it all and do some bush trail cycling but held back because of rough riding conditions this might be for you. It’s only 22kms in total and is slow going because you need to take time over uneven surfaces. You also need good suspension and preferably wider tyres set to a low pressure to smooth out the bumps. And for senior riders, an electric bike sure helps on the short hilly rises.

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I started on the Perimeter Trail at the bottom of Nerang Avenue, Terrey Hills. On this 14km return ride I met only two couples on bikes and a couple of horse riders. Natasha and her mount kindly posed for me.


The rewards for your effort are pristine bushlands, endless birdsong against a background of perfect silence.


Not far from the end of the Perimater Trail I took the 8km Long Trail which leads to the clifftop lookout over Akuna Bay. The view there is stunning.


Towards the end of Long Trail it gets very rugged and most riders will do it on foot. It helps if your ebike has a ‘Walk’ mode which moves it along at 6kph: very helpful when walking up ramps and rocky ascents. This view is the reward for your effort:

Long Trail endpoint lookout copy

Natural flowers, birds, silence, and sunshine. How could anyone not enjoy?


It took about two hours and was so enjoyable I plan to do more. Its a simple route, hard to get lost; and many more trails to explore.

Terrey Hills Strava

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