City Freedom Ride


The end of Covid lockdown in Sydney was followed by five days of poor weather and a desperate urge for a Freedom Ride out of the local area. So which one did I choose?

One of the most visually interesting rides you can do is to simply loop the city, staying close to the harbour where possible. It doesnt need much planning, other that deciding how to get into the city (ride or drive) and where to start your ride. This one started in The Rocks, then followed the harbour to the Opera House, then headed past the Botanic Gardens, Parliament House, through Hyde Park, the War Memorial, Haymarket then back to the harbour.



A visually interesting 22 kms in about an hour and a half on easy terrain. If you love taking pictures, you’ll be stopping often. Do this ride before the crowds are back. This 7min 40 sec GoPro video and photos tell the story.

Archibold Fountain, Hyde Park


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