Elvina Fire Trail, West Head


If you have ever wondered about riding the Elvina Fire Trail in the West Head Ku-ringai Chase then this post might satisfy your curiousity. Its relatively short at 8.5kms return but can take an hour of hard work, even on a full-suspension ebike with wide nobbly tyres. Its not for everyone.PRA_2664

The top section from West Head Road to “The Descent” is full of typical National Park beauty, then the Trail gets serious until you reach the bay. Its very steep and the surface is unstable with rocky gravel, apart from a section that is so steep it needs to be sealed with bitumen so 4WD service vehicles can pass.


Once you reach the tranquil village of Elvina Bay, there is an easy to ride dirt road that skirts a small colony of dwellings that feel as if this place is a thousand miles from civilisation. Very pretty, quaint, and peaceful. Then there is the hard yakka of getting back up that Trail.

A 2:40 min GoPro video link below gives you a feel for the ride, and a Strava link shows the route.






After completing the Trail, I stopped off for the very short Soldiers Point Trail just to reach the lookout. A nice way to finish a bit of trail riding.





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    • Hey Heyihan; sorry I missed your post. My GoPro is a Hero 9; its very easy to use, with just a one-click on and one-click off. It responds fast so I’m virtually cropping/editing in real time. Then I just load the clips, mostly around ten seconds, into iMovie and save as a single continuous MP4 video file. Cheers, Richard


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