Brisbane Waters

I’ve heard of the Tour de Brisbane Waters over many years and finally decided to do the ride. However, while the overall circuit is very popular with road cyclists, only half of it is safe for riders who prefer to stay off roads.  The return from Ettalong to Gosford via Avoca Drive does not have a suitable bike path and the bike lane often disappears: be warned.

The Gosford to Ettalong via Woy Woy is a wonderful bike path: wide, safe, and continuously scenic. I started near the Gosford Sailing Club, heading west along the clearly marked and mostly flat bike path. The main scenic variations occur when the path goes through a wooded or grassy area, but mostly you’ll enjoy panoramic lake scenery, some marinas, and the occasional oyster farm.




Woy Woy is the biggest town en route and has a charming and ecclectic vibe about it. One of its claims to fame is the famous comedian Spike Milligan lampooned it as the “world’s only above-ground cemetery”, so the town named this bike and pedestrian bridge after him.



If you like pelicans and seagulls, you’ll enjoy constant company on the ride. I like following small paths, one of which led to this tranquil creek.



I added the 10km return extension to Umina Beach, also a beautiful and safe ride. It’s also a great turning-around point with several cafes and bakeries. The Gosford to Umina via Woy Woy ride makes this a 50km half-day there and back tour. I took no photos on the return leg as I needed to stay focused on the continually disappearing bike lanes and absence of bike paths.


Bris Waters

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  1. An extra option would be to catch the ferry from Woy Woy over to Davistown and then ride the waterfront bike path around to Kincumber. A ferry trip back to Woy Woy then return to Gosford along the bikeway. I’m dying to get an ebike now …

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