Faulconbridge Trail

If you like wide dirt trails in natural settings with spectacular scenery it’s hard to go past the Blue Mountains. I loaded my Merida ebike onto my car for the two-hour drive, having booked an overnight stay in Katoomba. The plan was for two rides on the first day (Faulconbridge and Oaks trail) and another two on the second (Narrow Neck and Hanging Rock trail).

I chose all rides based on information supplied by National Parks and Wildlife plus other sites on Blue Mountains activities. I filtered out rides that included words like challenging and exhilarating, and picked ones that promised views and moderate gradients. While there were wonderful views, the word ‘moderate’ is in the eyes of the beholder.

The Faulconbridge Trail is not far from the railway station on Grose Road. When you see this sign, the Trail gate is nearby.



During planning, I spoke to a NPWS ranger who assured me that the low gates were easily accessed despite the weight of an ebike and the hernia-risks for senior riders. What seems easy for a young ranger may not be so for others; it was a real struggle to get my bike under the bar and an overhead lift impossible.


The Trail is about 14kms return, with firm gravel surface under a canopy of trees, rustling leaves, and birdsong.



This is a ride where the destination makes it worthwhile. Faulconbridge Point lookout is beautiful and a lovely spot to have morning coffee. There are no fences or barriers, so stay well away from the edges.



Overall, this is a trail that most riders would enjoy. The few ascents and descents were manageable, there were some nice scenic glimpses between the trees and a magnificent panorama at the end. Very enjoyable, but not one I need to do again.





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  1. This entry problem is real. Woodford gate is impossible to get a 25kg eBike over. Must be a way to accommodate us. My bike shop said just ride both ways. Glenbrook to Woodford, and then back!


  2. Hi, have you got a Go-Pro now? I enjoyed the clips as it gives the vistas much more depth and reality than a single image, though I confess I thought we were bit too close to the edge there for a minute 🙂 . Joanne

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    • LOL! I love the Alfred Hitchcock-style edginess of that clip. I got a GoPro 3 a couple of months ago and enjoy it so much that I just upgraded to a GoPro7, although I did not have it at the Blue Mountains. Will be using it more often.


  3. I have done that ride so many times over the years and love it every time as the first time I did it there is also a walk you can do 3/4 way on the ride to your right which will take you down to the groose river you just hide the bike in the bush it is a long way down but worthwhile

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