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Middle Head Mosman

The Mosman area is famous as the home of Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo but it also has the attractions of Georges Heights, Middle Head, and Chowder Bay. Not only do these places have historical significance, they also have some of the most spectacular views in Australia.

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I unloaded my bike at Georges Heights Reserve where the old military buildings are now used as artist studios and community facilities. I first went down the short path to the Gunners Barracks that is perched on the hillside overlooking Sydney Harbour, then back up to the Georges Heights Lookout. It was once a Harbour defence post and the old canons still look in excellent condition. The views across to North and South Heads are breath-taking.



It’s a short ride down to Middle Head where, being a weekday, there was virtually no traffic. Once you pass the still occupied Naval Base you enter the National Park. Out of curiosity, I took a rocky trail down to Cobbler’s Bay and found a secluded and very pretty beach full of naked people. I didn’t know it was a declared nudist beach.


The Middle Head lookout is full of fascinating historical military relics that are under the care of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.



You will also find this unusual visual perspective on Manly Cove. I live just out of frame, about an inch to the left.


Back on the bike, I headed towards Chowder Bay and stopped to walk around this former underground fortress.


Built in the late 1800s, Chowder Bay was a Navy Submarine base where explosive mines were loaded, ready to be laid in the Harbour in case of enemy intrusions.  It is now a tourist venue with cafes and restaraunts.


You can see where Chowder Bay is in relation to Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower on the right in frame.


This whole ride took about two hours and covered around 20kms, including several diversions to explore side-tracks. It certainly gets the “Safe and Scenic” tick of approval, but I suggest you do it on a weekday when there is very little traffic and hardly any people.

Georges Heights

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