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Bulli to Bass Point

One of the State’s most popular cycleways runs from Bulli to Wollongong, a continuous stretch of beach and bushland leading to a beautiful harbour. If you keep going south, you’ll see the fascinating industrial landscape of Port Kembla, followed by the charming coastal town of Shellharbour and the pristine natural beauty of Bass Point Reserve.

On the day I was there, dark clouds threatened but apart from a brief shower it was a good riding day. Between Bulli and Wollongong, the path hugs shoreline beaches, reserves, lagoons, bridges, and rivers until you reach the seemingly endless Wollongong Beach.




DThe picturesque Harbour, like most of Wollongong, is very bike friendly. There are also several cafes on the cycle path and it’s the perfect breakpoint for a coffee.



GI then headed South, staying close to the shore until reaching Port Kembla. The path has several new signs that were not there early in the year so it was easy navigating the best cycling route. You’ll pass lots of ‘last century’ industrial landscape and a few fishing ports, all visually interesting.


IAs you leave the industrial zone, you cross the Windang bridge on your way to Shellharbour. It’s a charming coastal village with several lunch options.



MBy now I had clocked up about 50kms which meant it was a 50km ride back but I had not yet reached my destination. So the plan was to keep going to Bass Point then train back to Bulli. The gorgeous Bass Point Reserve was worth the journey. It is ruggedly beautiful, with many great riding trails through bushland and along the coastline.



PBy the time I reached the Shellharbour Junction Railway Station I had clocked up 70kms over four and a half hours. Bass Point is only about 15kms to Kiama so I plan another ride from the South. This is a great area for ebike touring: safe, scenic, and facinating.


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    • Lots of stops for photos Kev; and I’m never in a hurry so a moderate average speed is OK with me. On medium undulating terrain my battery returns about 70-80 kms. If I’m planning a longer ride, I take a spare battery in the cargo bag.


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