Milson’s Point to Balls Head


The 2021 Sydney Covid lockdown limits exercise to 10km radius from home, so regular cyclists need to be creative in finding rides that are not boring. If the North Sydney Harbour foreshores are within your radial reach, you can find some of the most scenic rides in the country.

This particular ride is short on kilometres but it includes lots of hilly quiet streets so you can still get a good workout. With the lockdown it was easy to find two hour free parking right in front of the Harbour Bridge. From there its a spectacular ride past the Jeffries Street Wharf, pass Luna Park and Lavender Bay, then on to Waverton. Its then on to Balls Head where the tourist highlight seems to be the Coal Loader and the panoramic views across the Harbour from Balls Head Lookout.

Below there is a 3:30 minute GoPro video that gives you a feel for the beauty of this ride.




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  1. Hi Richard. I note the X-City isn’t getting much of a workout. Is that because it didn’t suit your purpose or just that you prefer the Merida?

    Back to topic – this is a great ride you lay before us. Oh to be able to ride around Sydney one day – when we are all vaccinated.

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    • I still have it and expect to keep it for quite a while. On days when I simply want a short local ride or when one of my adult kids want to join me it is ideal. Otherwise I keep reaching for the full suspension Merida with its ridiculously plush sheepskin seat cover.


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