Sydney minus crowds

Just a reminder that the Sydney CBD remains relatively crowd-free; its really hard to imagine a more picturesque bike ride than around Sydney Harbourside. 

On this occasion, I took a mid-week mid-morning ferry from Manly to Circular Quay, then just followed the eye-candy. What are usually bustling crowded places are now quiet empty streets. Grab your wheels and explore one of the world’s most beautiful cities before the crowds come back.

This short GoPro clip shows just how empty the city is compared to pre-covid times.






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  1. Back in the mid-70’s, when the Pubs were shut on Sundays, I used to take rides like this – with similar crowds. I would set off heading down from Centennial Park, check out the fence art gallery at Hyde Park, cross the bridge, catch a ferry and generally cycle a safe Sydney. Sometime I would head the other way across to Coogee and cycle the walk across to Bondi.

    Of course it wasn’t as flash as it is now but the sun still shone and the harbour sparkled.

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