Dee Why Beach to Mona Vale


 Locals know all parts of this route but even they will be surprised if they put it all together into a scenic half day tour that is full of the most beautiful views this country has to offer. And all of it is on safe shared tracks and paths.

1 Dee Why

You could start at several points, or you can add variations or join this ride with the previous one. But to complement the last ride report, this tour commences on Dee Why headland which looks over the ocean pool and beach.

2 Narra Lake

At the northern end of Dee Why beach, follow the bike path to Pittwater Road then cross into the playing fields, through Cromer to the region’s hidden secret: the Narrabeen Lake Trail.

Loop the lake to enjoy its meandering and well-maintained path that runs over bridges, past the Narrabeen Sports Academy, passing reserves, playgrounds, a canoe hire, and the Narrabeen shopping centre where you’ll find several cafes.

3 Narra Lake paths

5 Wetlands & MVGC

The Wetlands behind the Warriewood Shopping Centre offer a serene digression before heading to Mona Vale. Cross at the lights opposite the Mona Vale Golf Club and join the new shared path between the golf course and the beach. Well done to those responsible for building this great new link.

6 Mona Hland & Warriewood bch

A short steep climb will put you onto the Mona Vale Headland for sweeping views, then pass Mona Vale Hospital and Warriewood Beach headland where you might see hang gliders doing aerial ballet.

8 Narra Rock Pool

8 Nth Narra lagoon

Head south with a short descent and a few quiet streets behind the Narrabeen Golf Range and you’ll find the Narrabeen Rock Pool and Lagoon. Pick a weekday to miss the crowds.

10 Long Reef Hland

Use the Ocean Road bike lane, head south towards Collaroy then turn east to Long Reef Beach. Take the track to the Headland for panoramic views of the golf course and Dee Why beach.


12 Path to DY

The path takes you back to Dee Why to complete the tour. And to think that locals actually leave this area for their holidays!

By the way, if you need running repairs the route passes close to Dee Why Cycles, Northern Beaches Cycles and Avanti Plus Narrabeen.


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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this ride! Narrabeen Lake and getting there off-road was a revelation for us. Shortened it to Warriewood headland due to lack of stamina (or maybe lack of e-bike!!) but will definitely go back and do the wetlands and Mona Vale headland soon. Thanks so much for all your inspirational rides.

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