Huntley’s Point to Rhodes

This is another version of the best known and longest scenic bike ride in Sydney. It can be anything from 30 to 50 kms long depending on your sense of adventure. The Parramatta River Cycleway stretches from Ryde to Parramatta via Olympic Park, and there are lots of diversions and variations.


This ride started from Huntley’s Point, under the north side of the Gladesville Bridge, crosses over the Bridge to the south side, then stays close to the bay and Parramatta River. There are many visual highlights around Abbotsford, Canada Bay and Breakfast Point, so take your time.






If you like to go off the beaten track, there is a little-known dirt trail that goes behind the grand Edith Walker Estate and the Concord Hospital. Nice for a bit of communing with nature.



Concorde Hospital


This ride was 34 kms and under three hours, depending on how long you want to linger over coffee or explore side-tracks.

Huntleys Point

For more detail of this ride, link to the Strava map for this ride.

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  1. Hi Richard. There are also waterfront pathways about Cabarita and Mortlake that could be added in. Message me of you would like a link to my ride that would add these in. Cheers Andrew.


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