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Parramatta River Cycleway

This is one ride you cannot get bored with; there are several alternative routes full of scenic highlights, and all can be enjoyed throughout the year. This one starts on Dyson Street at the Putney end of the famous Parramatta River Cycleway.


Stay on the Cycleway until you reach the University of Western Sydney campus and make sure you check out the coffee shop (especially the caramel salted cookies).



After coffee, you enter the beautiful Parramatta riverside area. The local council has transformed the precinct into a tourist destination.




Leaving Parramatta, you soon cross over the Silverwater Road Bridge and enter the Olympic Park Precinct where there are several bike paths, each offering their own scenic highlights.





Keep an eye out for small dirt tracks running off the main sealed cycle routes. There are a few lesser known trails that go bush and are well worth exploring.


Once you return to civilisation, the Olympic Park is an expansive architectural space and huge fun to ride around.



You can return via the Bicentennial Park and the Rhodes satellite city. There are many variations to this ride, limited only by your imagination.


This was a 37 km ride and took two and a half hours to complete. You could start at the Olympic Park railway station or take a ferry to/from Parramatta, so it is one of the most accessible, safe, and scenic bike paths in the State.

Parra Olympic loop

Find detailed map on https://strava.app.link/L9kN6wdU0X

Visit the eBikerDiary YouTube Channel for selected video clips of this ride at:

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