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Sydney Harbourside

Bridge from wharves

Visiting tourists see more of this great city than most Australians. It is not until you get onto two wheels and take the time to meander around its great harbourside that you connect with the beauty, grandeur, and backstage views of the new and old Sydney.

There are several ways to get your ebike into the city, like train, ferry, or even transport it on a car rack and park on city outskirts. Or you can hire one from Sydney Electric Bikes located conveniently in harbourside Pyrmont.

This ride began early on a Ssturday with few people around. I parked in a free all-day spot on the west side of North Sydney railway station and rode across.

What a magnificent start for a lovely three-hour city tour. Stop on the dedicated bridge bike path and look down: you haven’t seen that before.

Opera Hse

Ride past the Sydney Observatory, past the Overseas Terminal, and ride around the fabulous Opera House.

Botanic Gdns

From there is a lovely cruise through the Royal Botanic Gardens for some of the best views that Sydney offers.

Pass Lady Macquarie’s Chair, up to the Art Gallery then down to the Botanic Gardens behind the Conservatorium of Music.

Return via Circular Quay to The Rocks and walk your bike through the Market stalls. Take your time around the wharf area and find new perspectives on the Bridge.

Then go through Bangaroo to Darling Harbour for a coffee and on to the Fish Markets and the Anzac Bridge. Return via the Pyrmont Bridge then track back to home base.

Fish markets

You could spend an entire day riding around the Harbour and still not see all there is to see. This ride took over three hours and covered 24 kms. Footpaths were used the entire way. Its slow going because you cannot help stopping to gaze. It’s the sort of ride you could do again and again, all with endless route variations.


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  1. I didn’t realise that you can cycle through Royal Botanical Garden from Opera House. I thought that there were no bikes allowed?


  2. Well, now I want to revisit Sydney. I did it on foot and but by cycle looks awesome. I used to be a big cyclist in my 30s. Unfortunately, my shoulders, tailbone, and wrists are now arthritic and I can’t do it anymore. 😦
    I’m with you in spirit!

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      • HA!!! I feel stupid. I had no idea what an e-bike was. I had never even heard of them before you. Wow! This may be my way to get back on a bicycle. I’m truly grateful. Our town is bike-friendly and we have more than 300 days of sunshine. Wow. Wow.Wow.

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        • Do yourself a favour Cindy and go to a local bike store that hires electric-assisted bikes, otherwise known as pedelecs or ebikes. Dont get the ones that you control by a throttle and do not need to pedel at all rather try one that you must pedel and can select how much assistance you can dial in. You might find yourself feeling like a kid again. They are heaps of fun!

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