Audley Weir Trails

The Royal National Park is very popular amongst road cyclists. However, if you are road-averse like me the Lady Carrington Drive is the much safer and scenic route. It’s easy to find: just park your car at the Audley Weir Café, and head towards the bridge.

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Audley Weir has the same ‘holiday camp’ ambience that it had when I last visited several decades ago. It is always been popular with nature lovers, walkers, rowers, riders, and for picnics.


There are a few smaller trails to explore, before heading to the main trail, which is the Lady Carrington Drive,


The LCD is a well-graded gravel surface that is relatively flat over its 10kms.  It’s a comfortable ride on any kind of bike: a very quiet forest road, with no cars allowed.


I passed only a handful of walkers and riders for the entire 20km return trip. It is dense forest, so this is what you will see for most of the ride:

3a Lady Carrington trail

I was sorry to see the old sandstone gate at the other end. Together with the short ride at Audley, the whole experience was over in two hours and I clocked up 25kms. If you love the bush, you will love this ride.


Lady Carrington Drive