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Canberra – Mt. Stromlo

Whenever I visit Canberra I do a variation of the classic ride around Lake Burley Griffin. You can venture off in any direction on safe and scenic cycle paths, and on this occasion I left my car at the National Gallery and headed west around the Parliamentary precinct.




I joined the lakeside path, which has got to be one of the most varied and beautiful cycleways in the country. Not long after passing Government House, you’ll find an offshoot path to Mt. Stromlo.




The Mt. Stromlo path is gently undulating and runs alongside a small river. The Mt. Stromlo National Bike Park is a 52km labyrynth of different graded MTB tracks and trails. After exploring a few, I returned to the City on the other side of the river to enjoy the unsealed Bridle Trail which ends at the Canberra Dam, near the National Zoo.



The path then hugs the Lake all the way back to Canberra City, with lots of lovely photo ops along the way (even in poor light). The path eventually comes out behind the Australian National Museum, then continues around the Lake past the National Carillon Tower, then back to the National Gallery.







If you have not ridden around Lake Burley Griffin, put it on your bucket list as one of the most enjoyable bike tours you can do. This one totalled just over 50kms in 3 hours. Can’t wait to do it again.

Mt Stromlo

A more detailed Strave map can be found at: https://strava.app.link/guPADxJf2X


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  1. BIKE RACK use. My friend was warned by the police that he must have an official auxiliary number plate on his bike rack (not just a hand painted one). So we both got one. However when I went onto the RMS website they have instructions showing that a bike rack should have its own set of tail lights, stop, indicators, etc., if the bike and rack obscures the cars tail lights. Has anyone ever has an issue with this when carrying a bike on a rear at the rear of their car?

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    • My bike carrier shop confirmed that you do need to have an auxillary plate and wired up lights. Ebike carriers are heavy duty and tend to satisfy all the legal and safety requirements.


  2. I recently renewed my Cycling Australia membership and politely reminded the operator that at 70 years of age I was after seniors discount membership. He agreed and politely replied that I was not, by far, the oldest member. One such member was 90! So Tony, at 60 you might even get away with “junior” membership!

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  3. Another great ride, I did many rides around lake burley griffin when flying down there for work from Brisbane. Now retired We recently were caravanning in the area and I spent a day revisiting the bike paths on my electric bike, oh how nice it was to ride into a headwind with assistance. I am still young but my birth certificate says I am 60, must be a computer glitch! On our trip south I also did the Newcastle fernleigh ride. Tony

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    • Thank you Dick for a great idea. Removing the battery would also reduce the bike weight making it lighter for lifting on and off the towbar. Now for learning how to remove the battery AND re installing it. I find my local 99 Bikes store at Penrith very helpful when it comes to making things idiot proof and BILL proof.

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  4. Seems like a great ride. As a mature male ebiker (70) I am always concerned when I put my velectrix bike on my car bike rack that it might come off during transport. I drive at a careful speed. Even though I secure firmly and check and double check I have this uneasy concern. Have you ever known of a bike coming off a car tow bar rack? and am I being over concerned .

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    • Thank you SO MUCH for your quick and easy to understand reply. I will apply. Is a pity to have and not take advantage of this and other great rides. Just as an after thought are you aware there is a 5/6klm easy/flat bike path ride around the Nepean river at Penrith. Think its called Bridge to Bridge.

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    • It all depends on your carrier’s rated weight bearing capacity Bill. If your bike is under and your lock arm is secure you should not be worried. Remember: the weight bears down vertically and lateral movement is only vibration


    • I too have recently purchased two Velectrix bikes and transport them on a platform rack. I was concerned with the movement of the bikes on acceleration and braking of the car imagining the strain on the single mounting point, the tow ball. To reduce my anxiety I remove the bike batteries to reduce the weight and tie a rope from the handle bar stem of both bikes onto the roof rack of the car. This reduces the movement of the bikes on acceleration of the car but does not help the forward movement of the bikes when braking. The rope ties also give me some hope that if the bike rack parted from the tow ball the bikes would be dragged behind the car and not fall into the path of following traffic. Dick McCaughey

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      • Thanks for commenting Dick. Provided the total weight of your bikes are within the carrier’s load rating there should be no problem. I too was anxious about the wobbles with mine so I bought a second fixing arm just to ease my mind. Works fine.


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